Hassan Kobac Foundation provides support to communities to educate their children and their adults through the establishment of educational centers including schools and vocational centers especially in rural areas as well as supporting civic education and public awareness programs


Hassan Kobac Foundation is active in the humanitarian field especially responding to natural disasters including droughts and floods that frequently hit parts of Somalia. Over the years, with the support of our partners, The foundation has been able to respond to floods and droughts in many regions throughout Somalia

Hassan Kobac is committed to the safety and protection of plants and the environment that benefit both people and animals. We have planted many trees, we are also treating diseases and problems that can cause environmental degradation and we are helping farmers and pastoralists with seeds and irrigation as well as medicines to use for the safety of their crops


Hassan Kobac foundation has distributed Eid clothes to about 50 orphans and vulnerable children in Mogadishu. Orphans were recruited from families who live in remote rural areas who could not afford their children's education and health. The foundation has rented a house in Mogadishu and opened big college with living rooms where they can get everything they need.

Baladweyne –Farlibax Road Construction