As a foundation, we have been involved the rescue operation in Baladweyne, where the river flooded over many villages in the city, many people lost their lives and their properties.

The rescue operation is still underway, we have provided shelters and foods to the affected people, but our contribution as a company is very limited and the devastation is so immense .Hour after hour it negatively impact on people’s live and properties .

Therefore , on behalf of the people originally from the region , I appeal to the international community for their immediate response and support in order to be protected people’s live .These people need medical assistance ,drinking water , food stuff and shelter .In addition , sanitation tools and latrines to minimize possible cholera outbreaks , malaria and other diseases .

Lastly , I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to those part of international community who has responded immediately in early days of the disaster .I encourage to them to proceed their support and contribution .I also thank to my friends and my business clients who helped us to take part the rescue operation .