Hassan Iidow Mohamed

Director General

The Hassan Kobac Foundation is a non-governmental and non-profit organization established in 2015 in Mogadishu with a mission to provide disaster relief, educational services, health care, child protection and orphan sponsorship for people impacted by human and natural crises in Somalia. In addition, the organization has expanded the scope for environmental conservation, agriculture and livestock production, construction and development, youth unemployment reduction, income generation for poor families and peace-building to achieve sustainable socioeconomic development

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Nothing can be said when I look back at how the situation has changed since the fall of the Somali nation in 1991, I really weep alone, because I know what happened during the civil war; thousands of our beloved citizens died, millions were displaced, and during this tumultuous time our country's infrastructure was destroyed. I was one of the young people who suffered and fled the country. Though as Hassan, during this time, had encountered many problems, have finally succeeded in coming to the UK, where I lived as a refugee for many years and built a new life. Thanks to Allah, I and my family lived happily, but I was not happy with this life for me, because my people and my country suffer from numerous problems, including civil war, unemployment and lack of infrastructure and social service. Finally, I decided to return to the country in order to set up my own income-generating company and to support poor families with this income. Luckily, I accomplished my business goals, and then I found Hassan Kobac Foundation.

Today, with almost five years of experience providing relief and socio-economic support services to those most affected by the combined powers of violence, war and repeated climate shocks, we have succeeded in being one of the largest national humanitarian and development organizations in Somalia. 

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