We are committed to treating and listening to the people we represent with dignity
for solutions that work
for them
We Support to communities to educate
their children
Slide We are committed to treating and listening to the people we represent with dignity
for solutions that work
for them

Hassan Kobac Foundation

Kobac trading has been engaged in several community-based projects. One example of such projects is
educating young children to build their future with the support of Hassan Koba Foundation. See
pictures in their sequence.


We imagine a day when in Somalia, there is no poverty and the need of every citizen is secured, especially those affected by the human and natural crisis .Moreover, the country became most developed in east African nations.


We always provide people a complete solution focused of any business.


In all our operations, we are committed to being accountable and transparent.


We work to ensure that the most disadvantaged individuals in our community will take part in life-affecting decisions.


We aspire to achieve our targets, represent our beneficiaries and fulfill all stakeholder expectations.


We are a learning company committed to the quest for effective and productive poverty and suitability measures

What we do

Founders’ Message during Rescue operation in Baladweyne.

As a foundation, we have been involved the rescue operation in Baladweyne, where the river flooded over many villages in the city, many people lost their lives and their properties. The
rescue operation is still underway, we have provided shelters and foods to the affected people, but our contribution as a company is very limited and the devastation is so immense .Hour after hour it negatively impact on people’s live and properties .


Child Protection and Orphans’ Care

Hassan Kobac foundation has distributed Eid clothes to about 50 orphans and vulnerable
children in Mogadishu. Orphans were recruited from families who live in remote rural areas who
could not afford their children's education and health. The foundation has rented a house in
Mogadishu and opened big college with living rooms where they can get everything they need.

Howlwadaag Road Construction

HASSAN KOBAC FOUNDATION today ( Feb 6,2020 ) handed over a donation of $ 5300 to the...

Environmental conservation efforts

Hassan Kobac is committed to the safety and protection of plants and the environment thatbenefit both people...

Cash Distribution to the disabled People in Jowhar

Hassan Kobac has donated money to the disabled in Jowhar district in Middle Shabelle region. The grant...

Lights winged seasons fish abundantly evening.

Dhaka denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demo realized by the...

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